About Rebecca

Nestled in the center of a square mile, surrounded by woods, water, and wildlife, Flesher Pond has been my Indiana retreat and then home for fifty years. I love the solitude of nature, and reading on the front deck. And in good weather, when my husband, Sam, brings out the afternoon pot of tea to share, all is well. (And yes, the pond in the photo is really where we live.) I travel to New York and Seattle once or twice a year to visit my nine grandchildren (with one on the way). These people are the icing on my cake.

Two years ago, I joined a writers’ group and have learned much from their expertise and encouragement; and then retired and spent the next few months writing my memoir (will let you know if it is accepted for publication). Stories that didn’t fit the book show up in this blog: animal life on the pond, local characters, and my continual quest for truth via the Christian way.

I learned to ride a motorcycle at 52, graduated from college at 53, and at 63 wrote my first book. Don’t just follow your dreams. Build them.

R.D. Taylor